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Beyond just enjoying my goats as goats, I like the challenge of trying to breed an animal that will excel in the show ring. My breeding program is concentrated on that goal, and while I have made some progress, I still have a long way to go. Achieving that goal requires a lot of selective culling of goats, so I sell those that I feel are not going to be show prospects as pets without papers.

Before you buy, do your homework and learn what a good dairy goat looks like and buy that goat. Paying more money for a famous herd name can sometimes result in buying inferior goats with "known" herd names. I am happy to discuss my herd with interested prospective buyers and visitors are welcome.

 If you are just starting out in goats, it is wise to buy from a reputable breeder that has a long term interest in improving their herd and the breed in general, versus someone who primarily breeds just for kid sales. Although ND's are small goats, they are not like apartment dogs and they need space to live in. A good breeder's farm won't look like a cross between a junk yard and a hoarding situation. Take your time, and do your research before you purchase goats. ND's are not endangered, and finding what you are looking for is not difficult. Ask lots of questions and discover how long your breeder has been actively owning ND goats. Don't be fooled by internet experts who only parrot what they read on the chat groups.

 If you are considering purchasing from me please read my Sales Policy first.



Happy Goating,

Ginger Parker

Gainesville, FL

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