Management Practices


Unlimited supply of clean water at all times.


Free choice grass hay and browse or pasture. Does in milk have greater nutrient needs that can be met feeding peanut or alfalfa hay. 


Lucas goat chow fed once daily according to body condition.


Vitaferm Concept aid loose mineral provided for free choice consumption.


CDT vaccination at 6 and 10 weeks of age followed by a yearly booster or booster 30 days before kidding. Given 2cc SQ in the loose skin behind the front leg. 


Kids get coccidia prevention at 3, 6, and 9 weeks. I'm using totrazuril (generic baycox) but Albon will work too. 


I deworm with Cydectin Sheep drench 1 ml per 5 lbs given orally and I use Valbazen for tapeworms on animals that are not pregnant. I worm does before and after kidding. I worm kids at least once before they are weaned and as needed until their immune system is well established. 

Most local feed stores will not have many of the supplies you need for general goat care. Jeffers,  Valley Vet, and Caprine Supply are good places to find what you need to order online. 

There are many websites out there to research goat care information. The ones I refer to are:

I have more confidence in the information given on these websites than what I find on many chat groups and FB groups. 

Develop a client relationship with a large animal veterinarian so that if you ever have an emergency you will have access to the help you need. 

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